Life is too short to sit still

My name is Gene, and I've constructed this site so you might   that there is MORE to life THAN what is in your NORMAL vision.  (look inside to see why "ClipAway" came to mind).

Example: Most people have seen Hot Air Balloons on TV or in a magazine, BUT how many know they can participate in this sport and even earn a free flight???  (Please send a note via the "Contact Us" link on the left)
I've attempted to balance the following pages with some interesting hobbies and links. Please feel free to explore my world (and come back now and again to see the changes).

P.S.-- Thanks to my friends (I count my crew among them) for all their support.

Check inside to see ClipAway flying in the New Jersey area or at Balloons over Bristol, Ct and other events!
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  •         Great Eastern Balloon Camp - being held in Millersville, PA July 12-16, 2015
  •               "ClipAway's" Pilot is the Camp Director!!! - for teens 13-18 - no experience necessary
                  this camp is part of the BFA's Youth Program - questions/comments? drop us a note.
                         "Like" and Follow us on  Facebook - Eastern Balloon Camp

            NOTE: There is also another BFA Balloon camp:
                    High Sierra Balloon Camp - being held in Reno,NV  June 28 - July 2, 2015
                         Facebook - High Sierra Balloon Camp

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 ClipAway Hot Air Ballooning brochure
 Hot Air Ballooning Powerpoint Presentation
 Hot Air Balloon Powerpoint from the Crew's  Perspective
 (courtesy Jodi Price - crew chief) (3MB)
 *Passenger Pre-Release / Information
 *Passenger Release Form - current
       (last revision Feb 2012)
 *Passenger Preflight Briefing Form - current
       (last revision Feb 2008)
         * Passengers should review each of these 3 documents prior to taking a flight in ClipAway

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