Process to replace the middle third of ClipAway

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Envelope bag with full envelope 12/14/2009

Envelope layed out and ready to start fabric removal

Starting the tedious task of ripping stitches (4 rows of stitches, and need to break a stitch in each row, approx every 1/2 inch)

My fingers flying, ripping stitches, with a lot more to go

Removing leftover broken stitches from load tape

12/15/2009 Finally ... all fabric removed from middle third

A picture of the 6 panels removed from one of 8 gores

This section is approx 24 feet by 24 feet

Envelope packed back in the bag, minus the middle third

02/19/2010 New fabric .... getting ready for the cutting process

Bert Padelt getting up close and personal, with alignment marks

laying 8 layers of fabric out for the panels in one row

Ken Leota and Joannie Padelt aligning the pattern

Bert using a razor knife to cut out the panels

Removing the scraps

Panel for one row are cut out, now putting on alignment marks

Ready for the next phase, each bundle is a full row (8 panels)

Bert and Joannie reviewing some figures

 ---- The sewing phase was done without my help.
I hope Ber and Joannie will supply some pictures.

Here she is ... very first inflation/flight after the rebuild taken after Bert and I landed March 17, 2010