About Us

About Us

I have dedicated this site to those interested in Hot Air Ballooning or wondering 'what is paperclip art'. You can also find a little something about how one person found an enjoyable way to help a worthy charitable cause.

Hot Air Balloons, like "ClipAway", owned by ClipAway Ballooning LLc (which I am owner/pilot), launch around sunrise or a couple hours prior to sunset. This holds true for festivals, sport flying, and commercial flights. What about the balloons you see in the middle of the afternoon? Most likely they are attached to the ground via one or more lines (called tether lines) and may only go up about 50-100'.

Looking to take a flight? Want to get involved? Please send a note via the "Contact Us" link on the left.

We've all seen a paperclip, that lowly piece of wire curled around itself into a familiar shape - found in everyone's drawer - used to hold papers together, clean your nails, or twist, bend and break, just because it's there. On these pages, you will see some objects I have crafted from paperclips. ???? Yes, you read that correctly ... copper, gold and silver colored paperclips of various sizes and thickness. I have managed to create objects in a medium that is at our fingertips but hardly used for art, by straightening, reshaping, connecting and then soldering the connections together for rigidity. The biggest challenge is how to make each of the joined spots look as if they belong and not detract from the design. That is Paperclip Art.

Know of someone else making artwork out of paperclips? Please send me a note via the "Contact Us" link on the left.

Feel free to drop by again and see what has been added or changed -- I am open to your suggestions.