Favorite Links

Things to Do

BFA Junior Balloonist Camp - Check into a hot air balloon camp for kids.

Bicycling Events - Find bicycle information (clubs, rides, etc.) in New Jersey.

Carousels - Remember those carousels you rode as a kid? This link brings them back.

NJ Commuting - Info on Commuting (bicycle, bus, train,,,, in New Jersey... not bad! check it out.

New England Carousel Museum - one of the largest collections of antique carousel pieces in the country (plus my minature carousel is on display!).

Allexperts.com - A free service to answer ALL your one-on-one questions!

up .. uP .. UP... AND AWAY ... (ballooning)

General Balloon Links

Joop de Wilde - World Wide Web Balloon Pages--more links than you can shake a stick at!

Blast Valve -- A fresh search engine for ballooning information ... Nice source of information!

Foreign Balloon Pages- Looks to be a good site for a variety of balloon news.

Some Balloon Clubs

GEBA Home Page - The Great Eastern Balloon Association (GEBA) is made up of pilots and crew mostly from the NJ, PA, & NY area. Find out more about the sport and maybe even join the fun.

CLAS Home Page - Connecticut Lighter than Air Society.

BFA - The Balloon Federation of America - The organization representing all U.S. balloonists.

Balloon Crew Sites (other than my own crew page)

Crew Training Site - A good site to learn more about how to crew.

Crewing 101 - Another good site for crew training

New Jersey/Connecticut/Pennsylvania Balloon Sites

Sky Chariots - Pictures and information about one and two person balloons, homebuilts, and others.

Jim O"Brien Home Page - A view of ballooning from a student pilot perspective.

SirPrize Ballooning - Flying tuxedo balloon in central New Jersey.

Other Balloon Sites

BFA Junior Balloonist Camp - Check into a hot air balloon camp for kids.

Atlanta Aerosports - Refreshing Ballooning site from Georgia.

Odyssey Balloons - Vermont Ballooning source (relocated from New Jersey).

Whats Up Ballooning - New Hampshire ballooning link.

Bennie Bos Productions - Balloons and Airships, with some great videos

Hot Air Balloonist - all types of info and forums

Aviation Information Sites

FAA Home Page - need I say more?

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) - Check for the latest TFRs issued

BalloonCast - Weather information (easy to use) pick your state.

The Weather Calculator - temperature via cricket chirps

Out of this world ?

NASA- what is happening today at the space agency

NASA-Human Space Flight - another interesting NASA site

JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Mars Pathfinder, etc)

Stardust - an interactive internet-based search for interstellar dust

NJ Lottery - Will your dream come true today?

Computer Magazine Sites

Network World

PC Magazine



Quit Smoking- How to Quit Smoking for good