PaperClip Art 1

My CLIP ART & INterEsts

Yes, this is a working carousel - 15 horses riding around in circles, each rising and falling independently AND it's all PAPER CLIPS!!!! This ride took 2 months to build, contains approx. 750 clips (all soldered together), stands over 15'' tall, and has a diameter greater than 10''.

If you are ever in Bristol, Ct. please stop by the New England Carousel Museum to view various carousel horses and this Paper Clip Carousel.

[Click Here] for a short video (9MB) or for listening to carousel music [Click Here]

If you thought the carousel was something, just look at the Roller Coaster on the right, aptly named 'Spinning Wheels'.

This, too, is made from Paper Clips (amazing what those little paper holders can be used for).

A chain with hooks, pulls the cart up the track and releases it at the top of the first rise. The cart then rockets down the track up another rise, down again, up once more and then spirals down to link up again where it begins again.


-- 29'' high, 64'' long, 22'' wide, and over 2,000 paper clips A liquor store display motor and 2 small gears, drive a larger gear made of paperclips which in turn pulls the chain (also made from paperclips) that starts the cart on its amazing journey.

--The cart, made from paperclips, rides on a wheel trolley (just the outsides which press against the wheel axles) from a 1950 era Lionel train -- the wheels come from a 1970 era Lionel train. Did I mention the cart has 3 rows of seats, each having their own moveable safety bar?

.. Some have said I've got too much time on my hands -- they may be right.

Note: after you finish scrolling thru this page, be sure to click the link to PaperClip Art 2 at the bottom to see better images and a short clip of the roller coaster in action. There's also more paper clip art.

If you've never seen a hot air balloon before, look to the left.

This is a picture of 'ClipAway' a 7 story tall gentle giant (one which I have flown many times). If you happen to be around the Central Jersey area, come watch us fly - spectators are always welcome.

If I've piqued your interest, please look at the other pages on this website to find out more about ballooning ---details, events, how, what, and why ....

[Click Here] to hear a burner sound.

This painting is called 'Morning Friends' and depicts the hot air balloons of 3 pilots who have become very close friends.

Left to right Ken Leota's balloons 'SunFun' & 'Sir Prize;' Johann Schneider's 'Trust Me' & 'Air Born;' and Al Dashevsky's 'Neon Wind' and the retired 'Second Wind'.

It is possible to arrange a ride by sending an e-mail to:

clipaway @ (remove the spaces around ' @ ').

Just a little something for those after the simpler things in life ... (no I'm not a big drinker). This was a birthday present to my dad years ago when he had one of those miniature bars, in one corner of the den.