Balloon Pics 2

ClipAway Balloon Pictures 2

Pictures of (or from) "ClipAway" Balloon 2003, 2004,2005,2008

Malvern, PA - a helping hand (2003)

See, I'm a big boy helping out with the ballooon,,,, but these gloves are a tad bit too big!

Lancaster, PA - in the air (2003/2005)

Hey, wait for me! ... that's what I get for taking off almost dead last.

I see the 'X' ... now if I can only get close enough to throw the beanbag at it...

Looking back at those balloons that have not taken off yet (picture credit Jim Brubaker, 2005)

New Jersey - Standing and Packing Up (2003/2004/2008)

The crowd is coming out to watch ClipAway get packed away. Photo credit: Dr. Shoreh Miller

ClipAway's shadow (photo by Gene)

Now on its side, kids look into the top as the air escapes. Photo credit: Dr Shoreh Miller

ClipAway attempting to play Hide and Seek (I think the tree is just a wee bit too small). Photo credit: Sharron Szelest 2004

Waiting to pack the fabric into the envelope bag

Hmmmm ... can you imagine having the balloon either drop the kids off at the bus stop or get picked up from there?

(photo credit: Elizabeth Newman, April 2008)

Williamsport, PA 2005

ClipAway starting to deflate after a wonderful flight from the 2005 Rotary Fall Foliage Balloon Fest in Williamsport/Montoursville, PA. Photo credit: Dave Kagan

RedHill, PA 2005

It is easy to tell ClipAway made a lasting impression.

(photo credit Paulette Shankweiler)

The picture on the cake, one of my favorites, was taken during pack up after flying from the Relay-for-Life charity event.

That's Stefani, one of my passengers, in the basket as we were packing up. She managed to strike a cord within and we have remained 'pen pals' since. I was surprised, flattered and humbled when Grandma mentioned Stefani had asked for an ice-cream cake with a specific ballooning picture on it for her 11th birthday.

Is she looking forward to going aloft again? (do you really need me to answer that question?!?)

(photo credit Paulette Shankweiler)

[Note: due to weather, etc, Stefani didn't fly again in ClipAway until July 4th 2011, with Grandma and her younger brother Devin].