Life is just too short to sit still

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My name is Gene, and I've constructed this site so you might see ( o)( o) there is MORE to life THAN what is in your NORMAL vision.  (look inside to see why "ClipAway" came to mind).

Example: Most people have seen Hot Air Balloons on TV or in a magazine, BUT how many know they can participate in this sport and even earn a free flight???  (Next time you see a balloon pilot, ask them what you need to do)


I've attempted to balance pages on this site with interesting hobbies and links.  Please feel free to explore my world (and come back now and again to see the changes).

P.S. - Thanks to my friends (I count my crew amongst them) for all their support.

Check inside to see ClipAway flying in the New Jersey area, and at various events.!

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