ClipAway Out and About

ClipAway U.S. Sightings in 2009, 2010 & 2011

---Jackson, MI (Jackson Jubilee) 2009

Candlestick Glow during an intermittent light rain

Just a little close as we get ready to launch for the only flight of the festival

ClipAway leaving the "X" behind, after a nice drop

(photo credit Megan Avery)

Almost all packed up and everyone is still all smiles (could it be that everyone had an impromptu tether ride?!)

---Albion, MI (BFA Balloon Camp - Albion College campus) 2009

Providing general information as the campers asked questions to complete their checklists

(photo credit Michelle Klingensmith Shaffer)

Morning ground fog as we arrived to provide balloon/tether instructions

(photo credit Barb Jones)

All the campers and the 3 pilots whose balloons were used for instruction

(photo credit Michelle Klingensmith Shaffer)

For more pictures and information on the BFA camps, go to

---Dansville, NY (New York Festival of Ballooning) 2009

Let's see where ClipAway lands .....

(photo credit Susanna St.Laurent)

Now what? no crew ... I think the pilot is asking us to come over

(photo credit Susanna St.Laurent)

Treating friends of the crew to an impromptu tether

(photo credit Susanna St.Laurent)

Turf Valley-Ellicott City, MD (Preakness Celebration Balloon Fest) 2010

(photo credits - Patrick A. Smith) L to R : Breanne treating her mom Betty to a balloon ride; Clipaway as seen floating behind the trees; ClipAway drops in for a soft landing; A super group of packup helpers!!!

New Egypt, NJ (New Egypt Middle School tether 2010

To cap off the success of the middle school students "Reading Around the World" incentive program, we tethered some of their teachers and staff as the students cheered them on!

---Jackson, MI (Jackson Jubilee) 2010

ClipAway in the process of standing up to do a glow

---Albion, MI (BFA Balloon Camp - Albion College campus) 2010

One of the outdoor sessions

Inside ClipAway

Student Pilot .... bring it on!!!

All the campers, without staff or assisting pilots

---Greencastle, PA (Green Grove Gardens Balloon Festival) 2010

First flight at the festival, a lot of farm land

Soft landing captured on the last flight of the festival

---Dansville, NY (New York Festival of Ballooning) 2010

ClipAway Lighting up during the glow

(picture credit Brenda Robinson)

---Turf Valley-Ellicott City, MD (Preakness Celebration Balloon Fest) 2011

My Crew (L-R) Jodi, Alex & Kat - must be doing something right, they are all smiling!

Tammy had waited 35 years to get in the air!!

---Happenstance - Union Bridge, MD 2011

ClipAway Lifting Off - (photo courtesy Patrick A. Smith)

Hot Air Balloons, Cluster Balloon, Power Wing, all sharing the sky (photo courtesy Patrick A. Smith)

(L-R) Patrick A. Smith, myself, Dick Young (photo courtesy Patrick A. Smith)