ClipAway Engagement album

Jenny And Clem (my crew!) - Engaged Dec 2, 2001

A beautiful morning to fly

Checking out the horses as Jenny and Clem float by

Family and friends crowd around Jenny and Clem, in a festive atmosphere

No camera when the question was popped in flight, so we celebrate with your crew

Jodi And Tim (passengers in York, PA) - Engaged June 18, 2006

It was a hot, humid, breezy afternoon, not sure a flight would happen. Then the winds cooperated and we launched. We zipped along the countryside for a bit and then, after cresting the final ridge and seeing the Susquehana River ahead, I voiced my decision to land in the first available field. I began contouring the trees down the slope, and within a minute Tim sprang into action. Between the burner sounds I heard "will you marry me" ... a quick glance showed Tim kneeling in the bottom of the basket, and the ring box open! I heard an excited 'YES' from Jodi, and congratulated them after we landed a few minutes later. I'm not sure who was more surprised .. Jodi or myself. Best wishes to Jodi & Tim

Elisha And Ryan (Green Grove Gardens Festival, Greencastle,PA) - Engaged August 4, 2012 [Married September 7, 2013]

Mother Nature cooperated - gentle winds on the surface, plenty of steerage aloft and comfortable temperatures. Ryan and girlfriend Elisha, both first time Hot Air balloon fliers, came out for the flight. Ryan, was a bit nervous especially with a fear of heights. I casually mentioned a lot of balloon pilots share that same fear, including myself, but being in a balloon is not the same. Ryan had me hold onto the ring (which i tied to a belt loop w/dental floss before placing it into my pocket), to keep things a surprise.I took ClipAway and her passengers, Elisha and Ryan, gently into the sky. The sun was just a reddish disk on the horizon, with a mist hanging between the hills and trees. As we floated over the farmland, Ryan nodded to me, then knelt on one knee and proposed to his lovely girlfriend Elisha (yes, I gladly gave up the ring). With tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, she said YES. As we flew on I spotted a church in the distance - thinking what a wonderful place to land, especially after what had occurred. ClipAway made a beautiful standup landing in the church parking lot, where we were met by some family, friends and crew. Another balloon which also had an engagement couple, landed in the field next to the parking lot. As both couples shared their experiences we had a champagne toast to their newest step in life and for many happy memories. I wish Elisha & Ryan all the best.