Balloon Pics 1

ClipAway Balloon Pictures 1

ClipAway Flying in New Jersey

A beautiful morning to fly -- this is from an area in central New Jersey

(picture of ClipAway taken by Harry & Donna Ryba, while passengers in NeonWind)

ClipAway #1 - My First Inflation

Factory, Prior Owner, and My 1st Inflation of ClipAway #1

I took possession of "ClipAway" #1, a Cameron Viva 77, on a snowy January 8, 1999. I was unable to inflate the balloon until February 6, 1999. Between that time (as i waited patiently???), the balloon factory and the prior owner, were able to help me visualize the balloon with drawings and pictures.

(Left) Cameron, USA was nice enough to send me a colored drawing, while waited for the weather to let me inflate ClipAway.

(Middle) The previous owner sent me this picture from when the balloon was named "Ron Day View II"

(Right) An overcast day, but it was my first inflation of ClipAway!!

ClipAway #1 - Account of my 1st flight in her

3/20/99 -- A day to remember.... The Brietling-Orbiter3 landed after circumnavigating the globe, Last day of Winter/First night of Spring, AND Finally... the weather cooperated (had to wait for the breeze to die down). The sun was shining, the winds became light, and the temp was 54 for the afternoon Maiden Flight of "ClipAway" (and would you believe....we all forgot about taking pictures!)

The direction wasn't too bad - east (taking me toward horse farms). With the winds real light at altitude, I ascended to 4200 AGL (the highest I'd ever flown, and not something to do in that direction if the winds were any stronger). I could see the ocean, New York City and Philadelphia.

Anyway, had a nice landing way back in an unplanted farm field and we walked the balloon back to towards the road before packing up. It was also the maiden chase for my "new" '89 full size chevy pickup (extended cab, 8' bed).

Everyone had a good time -except me -- I had a GREAT time.

.....And to my crew: .....THANK YOU . THANK YOU . THANK YOU.

New ClipAway (#2) - Initial pics March/April 2001

Out of the bag and ClipAway #2's first inflation

I just had to walk inside the new ClipAway first time we started a cold inflation.

On April 5th, 2001 she finally stood up, and lofted into the air for her maiden flight

from a southern NJ balloonport ... What a sight - so bright and clean!

These 2 pictures were taken months later (Left: by Alex Lanning, Right:by Martin Leclair)

Bristol, CT 1999 and 2000 & Plainville, CT 2000)

Right: ClipAway is the high balloon in this picture, also from Balloons Over Bristol - 5/28/1999. (picture credit Ed Beldowski)

Left: My First Festival with ClipAway - Balloons over Bristol 5/29/1999. (picture credit Ed Beldowski)

The "gang at the Park: (back row L-R) Me, Ann Czuchta, Jay Beaucar, Lisa Beaucar, Meric Martin (front row L-R) Maura Casorio, Barbara St.Onge, Lori Beaucar, Larry Burnstein

(ClipAway in her glory at Balloons over Bristol - 5/27/2000 (credits Ed Beldowski).

Plainville, CT 2000

Pictures taken from ClipAway (ok, so they are not pics of ClipAway, but they are close..)

Bev Theodore caught this picture of my chase truck and ClipAway during a cold inflation at the Bristol, CT festival

After taking off from Norton Park in Plainville, CT., Ed Beldowski captured this picture of the sky (ClipAway proudly stands out with 15 other balloons and an ultralight.

While flying his own balloon 'Big Green', Jim O'Brien caught these pictures of ClipAway at the Plainville, CT. festival.

Raritan Day (New Jersey) 2000

You just never know what you will come across on landing! Check out the RAINBOW shot (left) after landing. We also had some help come along on horseback (both of these were firsts for me).

ClipAway #1 Retirement Flight January 14, 2001

ClipAway on its final flight into retirement on January 14, 2001 from a southern NJ balloonport. This was also my first flight over snow!! What a wonderful way to go out.

ClipAway in St.Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada 2001

ClipAway coming towards the camera, while staying low over a farm field (photo by Dorothy Gergely)

My Commercial Check Ride - October 20, 2002

On the left is a view of my crew just after launching with my Commercial Check Ride examiner, Mike Fairbanks. Next is just after making a soft landing on the grassy path while traveling left to right (Photo credits: Mike Fairbanks).

My Local Crew

ClipAway being packed up by Linda & Mike Callaghan, myself, and Bob Puttock. (picture credit: Georgia Puttock)

ClipAway crew enjoying a toast -- L-R: Larry Burnstein, Bob Pelton, myself, Jackie Lord, Linda & Mike Callaghan